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Frequently asked questions

COVID-19: In order to ensure your health, Sagrada Familia is applying all health and sanity measures established by the Ministry of Health. Visitors must follow the safety rules:  Check here for more information


At Sagrada Família, we offer a variety of different tours. We have both audio guided tours and tours that utilise an expert tour guide. Our tours are available in a variety of different languages.

For people who are looking to explore the towers at Sagrada Família, we have a series of special tours. Please note, the towers are occasionally closed when construction is being undertaken or when the weather is bad.

Our tours are available in a number of different languages. If your language is not covered at this moment in time, then you can book a basic tour and bring your own accredited tour guide with you.

Ticket prices vary depending on the tour that you choose. You can see a full breakdown of all of our ticket prices by clicking here.

Of course! We like to offer discounts to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to meet us. Our current discounts can be found by clicking here.

On the Sagrada Família website, you can find all of our tickets and prices. Some of our tickets can be bought online. If you are coming as part of a group for a guided tour, you may need to contact us before purchasing your tickets. If you do book through another site, then we cannot be held responsible for any additional fees that you are charged.

You can use the tickets on the website by printing them out or showing us them on your smartphone or tablet. We would always recommend printing them, just in case your device dies before your arrival.

You can only cancel tickets that are purchased directly from us or our official ticket supplier. If you would like to cancel your ticket, you will need to provide us with a valid reason as to why. If you would like to see our refund policy, click here.

If you would like to change the date on your ticket, you will have to contact us directly by emailing We will only be able to change the date on tickets that have been purchased directly from us or our official supplier.

We would always advise booking your tickets early to avoid disappointment. You can usually book tickets around two months before your visit.

You can purchase tickets at the ticket office, but only for the day that you are visiting on. You will not be able to purchase an advance ticket at the ticket office. If you would like to purchase a ticket online, we would recommend using our website or the website of our official partner. If you do come on the day, then there is a chance that tickets for the day will have sold out and they will be subject to availability.

If you have purchased a basic ticket, then you may be able to upgrade your ticket when you arrive at Sagrada Família. Please be advised that all of our audio guides and guided tours are subject to availability.


The opening times vary.

November – February

9:00am – 6:00pm


9:00am – 7:00pm

April – September

9:00am – 8:00pm


9:00am – 7:00pm

25/26 December, 1/6 January

9:00am – 2:00pm

Please note, given that construction is ongoing at Sagrada Família, our opening hours can vary. If special events are taken place, they may also change.

The opening times vary.

October – March

10:00am – 6:00pm

April – September

9:00am – 8:00pm

25/26 December, 1/6 January

10:00am – 2:00pm

If you book your tickets in advance, then you will not be required to join a queue.

At Sagrada Família, small lockers are available for small bags, but they can only be used when visitors are going up one of the towers. For safety reasons, backpacks are not allowed.

At the Gaudí House Museum, there are no luggage storage points or lockers.

At Sagrada Família, visitors with mobility needs will be able to access everywhere except for the towers.

At the Gaudí House Museum, there are some areas that will not be accessible for guests with limited mobility. Having said that, they will still be able to access the ground floor and the gardens.

At Sagrada Família, people with disabilities can go to either the Groups Services Centre or the Visitors Services Centre. You will need to provide proof of your disability.

At the Gaudí House Museum, no guests with mobility issues will be required to queue.

At Sagrada Família, wheelchairs are provided for people who need them. Please note, you will need to request a wheelchair in advance by calling us or emailing.

No wheelchairs are provided by the Gaudí House Museum.

Only guide dogs are allowed at Sagrada Família and the Gaudí House Museum.

When you arrive at Sagrada Família, you will be required to go through a metal detector and all of your belongings will be checked. We reserve the right to refuse admission. For safety reasons, we only allow hats in the nave and the museum if they are worn for religious, health or belief-related reasons.

Yes! Sagrada Família is primarily a Catholic church. You will have to dress appropriately. We request that the following dress code is followed:

– No see-through clothing can be worn at Sagrada Família.

– Any tops that are worn must cover your shoulders.

– Any shorts or skirts must be at least mid-thigh length.

– If you are wearing swimwear, you will not be permitted to enter.

– We will not allow people in festival-related clothing to enter the property. Nor will we allow people to enter wearing clothing that has been designed to draw attention for artistic, religious or promotional purposes.