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Sagrada Familia Barcelona

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Welcome to Sagrada Família, an exquisite temple designed by Anton Gaudí. This iconic Roman Catholic minor basilica is part of a larger UNESCO World Heritage Site. In combining both Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural traits, Gaudí spearheaded the project that would become one of his largest and best-recognised accomplishments.

It is currently estimated that Sagrada Família will be complete in 2026, a century after Gaudí’s passing.

Join us for a tour of this intangible piece of Barcelona’s architectural heritage, touching on the different features that make it so special and discovering how geometric designs were welcomed into the heart of Gaudí’s masterpiece.




Get the chance to admire the spectacular mountain, breathtaking views, ancient monastery, and a holy shrine.

Sagrada Familia Ticket + FastTrack

Enter Gaudí’s world of fantasy and geometry by the hand of a friendly guide. 

Sagrada Familia + La Pedrera + Montserrat

Spending time with Gaudi is a essencial piece of your visit to Barcelona.


Sagrada Familia with Towers

Utilising one of our informative audio guides, enjoy a thorough and informative tour of Sagrada Família and its world-famous towers.

Sagrada Familia and Gaudí House Museum

Venture into the mind of renowned architect Anton Gaudí as you explore both Sagrada Família and the Gaudi House Museum, located in Park Güell.

Sagrada Familia with Guided tour

On one of our most popular tours, join a knowledgeable tour guide as you explore Sagrada Família, touching on its famous features, rich history and the work that is still ongoing today.


With a long and storied past, there is a lot to be discovered at Sagrada Família. Originally, the project itself was dreamt of by Josep Maria Bocabella, a bookseller who found inspiration during his time in the Vatican. The design itself was created by Francisco de Paula del Villar, whose plans were for a piece of Gothic architecture.

More than a decade after Josep Maria Bocabella visited the Vatican, Anton Gaudí took control of the project. Naturally, he had very different plans in mind. Taking years to perfect this architectural masterpiece, Gaudí passed away in 1926. Current estimates place Sagrada Família being complete in 2026, a century after Gaudi’s passing.